Upcoming Community Events

Responding to our community’s needs during the pandemic, we are offering virtual events to engage and make together! Be sure to tune back into our page to find out about our future events.

Our first community event is a virtual happy hour in collaboration with the Altered Festival on Friday, October 23rd, at 3:30pm CDT. Don’t forget to sign up below! We have limited slots to ensure engagement with all of our community members.

Perfect Melon is a “community-building” marketing campaign from the fictional Perfect Melon beverage corporation, presented as an interactive installation. The corporation intends to cultivate a consumer community entirely mediated by the corporation itself. For the campaign, the corporation hosts a VR flavor experience in which attendees enter a virtual pavilion floating above an infinite melon field and are tasked to find the “perfect” melon. Attendees assess melons by slapping them, listening to their sounds, and sampling their flavors via a taste display. Once they select a melon, their choice is folded into the corporation’s commercial beverage formula: a mix of all chosen melons.

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Perfect Melon is a collaboration between Li Yao, Gabby Luu, and Jas Brooks (2018-Ongoing).